A dumpster is simply a big garage container or a large bin built to hold waste until it can be transferred to a refuse truck and then moved on to a landfill or recycling facility. In other countries, the term “skip bin” is also used to refer to a dumpster. And in the majority, dumpsters are ubiquitous because many believe that these garage bins are a helping handle for the large volume of waste generated by the big population. Aside from houses and city streets, establishments and companies are also obligated to use dumpsters. In general, dumpsters are dropped off and collected by a solid waste management company.

Are you planning a business? Do you need to find a cheap dumpster rental for your office? Do not worry, in this post, you will learn how much money you need in order to start renting a dumpster. You will also be knowledgeable about the different dumpster sizes.


Renting A Dumpster


If you’re cleaning a lot of stuff out of your house or cleaning up after a construction project that will your office soon, then you might want to consider renting a dumpster. This will allow you to dispose of a lot of items at once and will be much easier than drawing and dragging separate items.

Now the question is, “what is the cost to rent a dumpster?” Renting a dumpster can be hard to predict, however, it is something homeowners and business entrepreneurs might think is more expensive than it actually is. The range cost to rent a dumpster is from $300 to $450. Of course, there are still other things to consider when summing up the bills. These factors include a length of rental, availability, dump fees, type or weight of trash, as well as permits.


Average Dumpster Size


The main factor in why dumpster rental has different cost is its size. Of course, if you rent the smallest, the pay will be small too. However, if you are planning to rent for the largest dumpster, you must prepare a much bigger amount of money.

What size dumpster you get will depend on what you need it for. If you are doing a minor renovation such as a bathroom or a small kitchen, then a small dumpster will do. Here are the most common sizes of dumpsters requested and their average national prices, according to HomeAdvisor:

  • 10 yard
    • Measures 16’l x 8’w x 2’h
    • Good for very light projects
    • Typical base cost around $300.00
  • 20 yard – Measures 20’l x 8’w x 3.5’h
    • Best suited for light to medium projects.
    • Typical base cost $422.00
  • 30 yard – Measures 22’l x 8’w x 5’h
    • Best suited for interior de-cluttering, remodeling, and other interior projects.
    • Typical base cost of around $500.00, on top of the cost, to remove a wall.