Prom is one of the best nights of a teen’s life. Prom means it’s almost summer and most of the students are getting ready to move on towards the next chapter of their lives. If you are organizing a prom, below are the reasons why it’s the perfect opportunity for you should consider prom photo booth rental.


1. Brings a fun keepsake to remember the night

Photo booths bring students the opportunity to instantly upload their photos to all social media channels, so they can tag their friends on a special event night.  If you hire a photo booth, your guests will have the option to send their photographs directly to their email or to post their prom photographs directly onto their social media accounts. Also, you can create a special photo booth album for students to cherish forever and reflect back on in the future – it might even spark a reunion! A great idea is to make a yearbook-style photo booth and have every student sign their name under their picture. This is a perfect way to celebrate the end of an era.


2. Props can be used to add to the fun

Every teen love props. They add instant fun to a picture. Get carried away with oversized glasses, funny hats, and other silly props. Classmates and teachers can take silly pictures that they can cherish a lifetime. It’s not just fun for the students!


3. Make new friends

As well as celebrating with their current friends, students have got a best opportunity to get to know closely other members of the school year that they perhaps haven’t met yet! Not only this, but it’s also a perfect way to bring those who are a little shy out of their shells. It brings everyone together for giggles and fun in a relaxed ambiance.


Also, in years to come and you re-discover the photos in the bottom of your old shoe box and you will be able to have a laugh, reflect on the prom and begin to think and wonder what has happened to all your high school friends and where they are now. Furthermore, photo booths have been progressively popular as event organizers have discovered what a great alternative photobooths are to professional photographers. If you are searching for a creative way to inject a little bit of fun into your next prom event, it is well worth considering hiring a photo booth for the event.