Nothing captures the love and attachment within a family like a photograph. With the right location, gears, props, and photographer, family photos become something you will cherish forever. So when it comes to thinking the concept of a family photo, you’ll want to come up with a unique design and something that showcases your family’s personality.


Nowadays, photoshoots are everywhere. Around the world, you can see booths, studios, and even cameras on sale. Aline with this, family photography is also making a scene today. However, whether you are shooting outdoor or inside the master’s bedroom, you can still create a wonderful photo with this creative photo shoot ideas.

Holding and Hugging

The intimate relationship within the family can be shown not just by saying “I love you” to each other, but also through skinship. Capture a loving moment of your family when holding the hands of your partner while hugging your children. This family photo shoot idea will surely make for a wonderful sweet family picture.

Go Out, Have Fun

Encourage the playful side of your children for a fun photo shoot theme. You can turn your family photo into a fun activity, like decorating the shed, running on the grass field, or even walking at the park. This photo shoot idea is good since it will give sunlight to the photo so it will come naturally vibrant.


You can also have some picnics outside your house, even in the garage. That will be cheaper compared to going to studios or paid locations.

Vacation Time

Why not combine your vacation and the family’s photo shoot? You can go on a beach and let the photographer follow you and let the back your backdrop. You can also go to other countries, such as family photography Hong Kong, and let Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse join your family portrait.

Let the Color Rules

Decide the theme or motif of the picture. It will look nice if there is some sort of unity in the color of your shirts. You can either choose a monochromatic design or a colorful one.


Monochromatic is a style containing or using only one color, it can be black, red, blue, or white. Remember that it is better to use a striking color that will give power to the happiness and unity of the whole family.


On the other hand, if you want to use a colorful theme, you may just limit the 2 to 3 colors. For example, all are wearing pastel colors or all are wearing any color under the family of blue.

Kissing Scene

Let the parents enjoy a kiss while the kids strike a fun pose below. There’s nothing wrong with kissing since the mother and the father are already married.