We all love our pets. Almost 60% of the people in this world have pets so one cannot avoid them. A pet allergy is nothing to do with the particular breed of the pets but it depend on the person who is more susceptible to these allergens. Generally the proteins present in pet’s dander, dead skin, urine and saliva cause these allergies. The pet’s hair and fur also contain molds and spores which can cause allergies. Let us look at an example of dealing with cat allergies.

Cat Allergies

What are Cat allergies:

Like dogs, many people are allergic to cats. In fact more people are allergic to cats as compared to dogs. The cat’s allergens are spread from cat’s saliva, urine and skin to the person coming in the contact. There are tiny proteins which cause this type of allergic reaction and leads to problems. The allergy can be because of pollen and molds which can be attached to the cat’s fur. They can enter the cat’s fur from environment.


The symptoms of cat allergy are very much similar to dog’s allergy. These include running nose, sneezing, itchiness of eyes, nose and throat. Other symptoms include coughing, wheezing, skin rashes, redness of eyes. Also causes watery eyes and in many cases it can lead to asthma too. The asthma can cause chest tightness, breathing problems and other conditions.


The main cause of cat allergy is the allergens spreading from cat’s saliva or urine. Even if cat is licking a person, it can cause allergy. Cat’s fur can trap some pollen or dust particles and lead to allergy. The main reason is the allergens which breed on cat. It does not depend on sex, age, or hair length of the cat. Thus it is independent of these factors.

Testing of cat allergy:

If someone is having cat allergy, then it is very important to know about it. The cat allergy can be confirmed by skin test or blood test. The procedure is same as described above and it is important to visit a doctor as soon as possible.


The management of cat allergy early is very important. If someone is feeling uncomfortable then it is important to control it immediately. There are many things that one can consider. The most important thing is to avoid the pet as far as possible. Then even if it is there, keep it in separate room and keep cleaning it frequently. Vacuum clean the house to avoid accumulation of dust and pollens. The next important thing is to maintain the hygiene of the pet. Give bath to the cat daily and keep it clean. Trim its length so that it does not increase much. If you are having carpet, then keep it clean and vacuum it. Do not let dust settle on it.

There are many other drugs available too. There are antihistamines, decongestants and other medicines like steroids which can be used. First try to avoid exposure to cats but if a still symptom persists then go for over the counter drugs. The best treatment is minimum exposure to the pet. It will remove all the possibility of getting allergy. But if that is not possible then at least maintain the distance from the pet.

Thus these are some of the common pet allergies that affect people all around the globe. Generally pets are harmless but if someone has an allergy then it can be difficult to cope with it. There are no allergy free breeds of pets. Though some people claim but it has not be proven. So do not fall for such false claims. Just maintain a proper distance and avoid direct contact with them.