There’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle. The open road ahead of the ride, the wind at the back, and perhaps best of all; the people looking at the rider at you like you’re seeing like he is badass going to his destination. However, if you are the rider, just because you look like a badass doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind. Motorcycling is serious and in fact, it can result in serious injuries if you’re not wearing the right motorcycling gear.


Helmet, jacket, pants, boots, gloves, are the main gears a motorcycle rider should have. There are a lot more accessories we can think of but these are just the essential things needed in order to protect you once you ride a motorcycle. Speaking of pants, here are some of the best motorcycle riding jeans that you can check.


Icon Hooligan Denim Pants

Price: $120


These relaxed-fit Hooligans from Ride Icon look like any other pair of pants you own, but take a closer look—made with heavy-duty denim chassis, the pants are abrasion resistant, and come with removable Field Armor knee protectors, which are easily removed with barely-there zipper compartments at both the knees.


Motto Wear City Jeans

Price: $136


California-based Motto Wear’s City X Grey Jeans are made for the open road as well as an open bar. The high-quality blue/gray denim is lined with Kevlar and has an extra abrasion-resistant lining at the hips, backside, knees, and thighs. Removable armor for the knee joints come included, and the jeans are modifiable if you want to add extra hip protection. And, big bonus here? They’re machine washable.


Icon Insulated Denim Pants

Price: $150


Another offering from Ride Icon, these Insulated Denim Pants look like regular dark-wash jeans, but these guys are anything but regular. Featuring a removable insulated liner, these pants are perfect when you want to go riding on cold days. In addition to keeping you warm, they’ll also keep you safe—they’re fortified with D3O knee impact protectors and Aramid reinforced knee protectors.


Uglybros Echo-K Jeans

Price: $199


They might have the word “ugly” in their name, but everything they have on offer is just the opposite. The straight leg, dark wash denim jeans cuff to show off your motorcycle boots and are made with Kevlar Weave Yarn to keep you safe.


Deus Ex Machina Albero Skinny Jeans

Price: $230


Australian-based Deus Ex Machina has a dizzying array of gear on offer that’s sure to make motorheads salivate, but one of the brand’s best offerings are the Albero Skinny Jeans. While riding gear can get bulky, these are ultra-slim. Sporting a dark black wash, the jeans have elastane fabrication to make them stretch, and copper oxide hardware to keep them classy.