Playing the piano is all about knowing the chords of the songs and playing it. Unfortunately, many of us are thinking that it is hard to learn how to play the piano. But the truth is in playing piano, you just have to memorize the chords, and that’s it, you can play it anytime.


To make it simpler, a great musician and piano genius created different ways to learn the piano. Here are the four main ways you can learn a new song on the piano and therefore four ways to learn piano.


1. Sheet Music

Sheet Music is the most popular way to learn new songs and apparently the easiest method to learn how to play piano, especially for beginners. Learning how to read sheet music in the first place takes a lot of time and effort. And even if you know how to read sheet music, it still takes moments to learn a new song via sheet music. If you are not that amazing in reading sheet music, it is recommended to know it first.


2. By Ear

Some people are born with an “ear” for music, let us admit it. They can recognize notes, chords, and melodies just by listening to the song. And in addition to that, the can play the piano-based purely on something they heard. However, you can have this ability if you work hard on memorizing the chords, notes, and melodies. You can have this by practicing until the time that you don’t need a sheet music anymore.


3. Blog and Video Tutorials

This way of learning how to play the piano is getting more and more popular nowadays as people get to have the access on the Internet easily. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and anything else that allows you to open the search engines or social media can teach you how to finally play a song on the piano. Videos on YouTube tutorials can be great, but if you really think about it, they have a striking resemblance to sheet music. Instead of the notes and rhythm being written on a piece of paper, you have to watch the exact way to play and when to play it. Sor, for me, instead of reading or watching tutorials, it’s still better to rely on sheet music.


4. Chords and Improvisation

Chords and improvisation method is one of the technical ways to learn how to play the piano. However, for the average type of person who doesn’t want to play piano professionally, who doesn’t have a lot of time to learn, and who wants to be able to sound like they know what they’re doing as quickly as possible, then Chords & Improvisation is the way to go.